“Owing to the fact of early porting of controller algorithm to the real target hardware, a large number of issues, especially in control hardware configuration, can be solved prior to system integration phase. This results in significant development time and cost benefits.”

Dr. Roland Greul

BU Electrification and Racing Test Systems

AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria


The e-Storage System provides multiple usage scenarios as battery tester, battery emulator and e-motor/inverter testing facility. The system has to satisfy such criteria as high dynamics, broad voltage range (typically 8-800 V), low residual ripple and stability despite the variety of possible loads.


To ensure prompt verification of the control software, Hardware-in-the-Loop testing approach has been chosen, with Typhoon HIL600 system as core of the testing platform. Relative simple adaptor boards act as an interface between AVL power controller unit (PCU) and Typhoon HIL600 system, making it possible to evaluate the computational power of used microcontroller directly.


HIL testing not only provides the closed-loop control verification, but also gives the possibility of application software testing and debugging at early stages of development in the development lab environment. The control loop runs side by side with other tasks required by application software (communication, safety supervision, etc.).

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