Here at Typhoon HIL, we always strive to be an empowering and reliable partner

to academic communities all around the world.

That said, Typhoon HIL offers various benefits for academia through:

content_ico free use of Typhoon software tools,
soft_ico access to high quality educational content,
network_ico access to community resources and networking channels,
acad_ico investments in developments of academic programs,
award_ico numerous award programs, and
discount_ico favorable pricing.

Typhoon HIL Academic membership


For all those willing to go an extra mile and contribute to the further development of Academic programs, Typhoon is ready to give back and provide additional support through carefully tailored Memberships.

For every recognized individual contribution to the development of academic programs, Typhoon HIL will award academic organizations – Members of Typhoon academic programs – by providing all their fellow colleagues access to premium services, premium content and even more favorable pricing terms for Typhoon HIL products and services.

Academic user
(without membership)
Typhoon HIL Control Center toolchain Freemium license Freemium license Freemium license ?
Number of installations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited ?
Premium features and libraries Basic Academic Standard Academic Premium ?
Virtual HIL Device license ? ? ? ?
Number of instances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited ?
Service package Basic service package Premium service package ?
Remote support ? ? ?
On-boarding assistance ? ? ?
MyTyphoon account setup and maintenance
(for institution)
? ? ?
Access to premium educational content ? ? ?
Offer services through Typhoon ecosystem ?
Pricing Academic user pricing Academic Member pricing Academic Member pricing

How to become a member


Everyone can contribute!

Through individual contributions, you are building up your institute’s portfolio. Help you institute earn Silver or Gold member status by fulfilling any of the contribution possibilities presented below.


Contribution examples

Join Enroll Produce Commit Contribute
Invite your colleagues to
at HIL Academy.
Take free online courses
and win certificates.
Produce hands-on tutorials and
promote your work.
Exchange libraries with colleagues
around the globe.
Contribute to the development of
academic programs.


Once earned, membership status can last forever.