Dr. Alex Q. Huang at the ESTS 2017

World renowned power electronics expert Dr. Alex Q. Huang offers his insight into the topic of microgrid implementation at the...
  • Dr. Alex Q. Huang at the ESTS 2017

  • Dr. Mariusz Malinowski at EPE ’17 ECCE Europe

  • Kevin Daffey from Rolls Royce at ESTS 2017

  • Our resilient energy future – COL (ret.) Paul Roege P.E.

  • What we have learned from our friends at COMPEL 2017

  • UNC Charlotte at the ECCE 2017 in Cincinnati

  • University of Arkansas at the ECCE 2017 in Cincinnati

  • Zoran Miletic, Senior Engineer at the AIT Center for Energy

  • Jason Poon – My HIL Story

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  • Typhoon HIL Interview – Dr Andreas Dittrich

  • Robert Pilawa at COMPEL 2017 at Stanford University

  • Edwin Fonkwe on challenges of plug-n-play microgrids

  • “The navies of the world are going to all electric ships” – Matt Baker

  • Matt Baker on the important role of controller HIL testing

  • Eaton Microgrid Controller Testing Interview

  • AIT Unveils Industry-first 4-phase Smart Grid Converter at PCIM2017

  • Georg Lauss, Electrical engineer at AIT