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Basic Communication Certification Expert Power Electronics Microgrid Premium
Toolboxes ? ?
Power Electronics library ? ?
Power Systems basic ? ?
Machines library ? ?
Signal processing ? ?
Virtual HIL device license ? ? ?
Modbus Protocol ? ?
IEC61850 Protocols ? ?
C37.118 Protocol ? ?
Ethernet Variable Exchange ? ?
CAN bus ? ?
DNP3 Protocol ? ?
Power loss calculation (real-time) ? ?
SIL (External code support) ? ?
Nonlinear machines ? ?
Typhoon Test ? ?
Power Systems advanced ? ?
Microgrid ? ?
Test Suite (comes with a test set) ?
UL1741 ?

Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR)


Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) toolbox is an non-commercial toolbox designed to ease the visualization of complex multiphysics systems, such as electromechanical systems with multi-drive subsystems.

As EMR is based on the action-reaction principle, this allows you to take your simulation into the realm of multiphysics, which can also be extremely useful in testing the overall energetic behavior of the system, no matter how small or big it may be. In short, EMR Toolbox allows you to clearly visualize and emulate the power flow.