Remote Use of
Typhoon HIL

Typhoon HIL is working hard to support its customers with the best workflow experiences. Aiming to provide greater work flexibility, here we are listing various approaches to enable existing users remote access to their HIL device:


1. Remote Desktop Control Solution

The most straightforward way for controlling HIL device is to use some remote desktop control solution. This is done by connecting PC server directly to HIL device, and remotely control this PC by client PC. We highly recommend using?Teamviewer for this purpose, but you can use any alternative software solutions as?Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant?or?Ultra VNC remote access.

The advantage of this approach is simplicity and good performances. Drawback is that you will need to have two PCs. Also, depending on your company firewall policy this may not be allowed.


2. USB Over Network Solution

The second approach is to use some USB over network solutions. In this case you will have host PC which will be connected to HIL device over USB. This host PC will share its USB connection over the Ethernet to client PC which can be in LAN, or somewhere on the Internet.

The advantage of this solution compared to remote desktop is that Typhoon HIL Control Center can be run from the client PC so there can be another user using host PC’s applications without interruption. Here is the list of the verified programs, but other similar applications should work.

Eltima USB over Ethernet Sharing Software
FabulaTech – USB over Network

3. Raspberry Pi and VirtualHere Software

In case you do not have free PC to serve as a host, you can use Raspberry Pi as a ETH bridge. VirtualHere is software solution that also support multiple OS platforms including Raspian.

Depending on your application, sometimes it may be necessary to restart HIL device and/or other devices in your setup. For achieving this you can use smart socket. There are plenty of them on the market at an affordable price.

This list represents a collection of feedback from our customers. Typhoon HIL does not officially support nor favors one solution over the other. And we plan to officially support direct Ethernet connection to HIL device in the near future.